Third night only

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Author(s): Got w
Artist(s): Nalanala
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Manhwa, Romance, Webtoons,
Status: Ongoing
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Read manhwa Third night only 29 years old , Baek Dohee who feels hopeless and skeptical about her life , dreamed of escaping from a frustrated heart , meets Jun Won in place of her friend , Nuri. Due to an unknown attraction they end up having a one night stand , but at the climax. Dohee passes days without meeting Jun Won inorder to forget that day. Dohee reunites with Jun Won , who has taken the position of team leader. However, Jun Won who shouldn’t be able to remember “that day” , clearly remembers Dohee and everything that happened that night. No matter how hard she tries to push him away , she’s still dragged towards him who approaches her recklessly. Can the two men and women who became emotional hedgehogs for their own reasons , will be able to break down the wall and be happy together?