Tensei Inja Wa Hokusoemu

Tensei Inja Wa Hokusoemu Manga

Alternative: 転生隠者はほくそ笑む
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Author(s): Sumisu Jouji Saitou Chiaki
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Romance, Seinen, Smut,
Status: Ongoing
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By the power of the goddess, I was reincarnated in the world of VRMMORPG "Valkyria Chronicle".Apparently, in the real world, he died from overwork due to his life as a company slave.I don't have the original body ... If so, I will live faithfully to my desires, create a dungeon with the female character I like, and have a carefree (innocent) sex life ... I will live a good life!(I hope the former description wasn't from the translator for this series, because you know it was 100% Rewritten.)