Kimi No Koe

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Alternative: Your Voice ; 君ノ声
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Author(s): Miku Morinaga
Genre: Historical, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural,
Status: Ongoing
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A man with the ability to hear inner voices got married to a girl who can't speak.It's the Taisho era. Kyogoku Kazunari, who can hear people's inner voices, makes skillful use of his ability by running a trading company.His business is going well, but due to his power, he cannot trust others and has been quite bitter so far.Wanting to make use of their connections, Kazunari has propposed to marry the daughter of the noble Suwabe family. However, not only can he not hear the inner voice of his partner Suwabe Nana, she is also unable to speak.While Kazunari is bewildered, the two of them get married on the spur of the moment...? A clumsy but happy married life begins for them.

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Maybe coming in the next issue