Shinobi Shijuusou

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Alternative: シノビ四重奏Shinobi Quartet; Shinobi Shijuusou (Quartet)
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Author(s): Himuka Tohru
Artist(s): Himuka Tohru
Genre: Action, Romance, Shoujo, School Life, Comedy,
Status: Completed
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Chouko Manaka is the next heir to the prestigious Manaka family and she thinks it’s high time she had some independence! All her life, she’s been surrounded by her father’s bodyguards, preventing her from making friends. She and her father then strike a deal: Chouko will transfer to Mizonoo High, where many students study to be shinobi and possible right-hands to future heirs of high-class families. If Chouko can get a right-hand by her graduation, her father will recognize her independence.On her first day, Chouko meets the handsome Ujou Tougou, son of the Manaka family butler -- and he boldly declares her to be his master! Will she accept, or will other shinobi intervene?(Note: “Shinobi,” or “ninja,” is a Japanese term referring to agents of stealth and exceptional martial arts skill used for infiltration and assassination missions in feudal Japan. The word “shinobi” means a “to conceal/hide oneself”.)

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