Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

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Alternative: さよなら絶望先生, 絕望先生, ซาโยนาระ คุณครูผู้สิ้นหวัง, Sayonara Monsieur Désespoir, Sayonara Sad Sensei, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Sayonara, Despair Sensei, Sayo
View: 35961 views
Artist(s): KUMETA Kouji
Genre: Shounen, School Life, Comedy, Seinen,
Status: Completed
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Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Content

This is a dark comedy about a 'depressed' teacher whose attempts to commit suicide are constantly foiled by his weird (and lovesick) female students.

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei chapters

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